Help & FAQ

What is Drum Guru?
Drum Guru is an app for Apple iPad and iPhones and Google Android Devices that lets you download lessons from great drummers and teachers.

How much does Drum Guru cost?
The Drum Guru app is free, and includes a pack of lessons to get you started. Additional packs are available for purchase from within the app, and generally cost $3.99 or $4.99. You only pay for the lessons you want to use.

What do I need to run the Drum Guru app?
Drum Guru is compatible with both Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPod and iPhone), and phones running Google’s Android operating system (minimum version 4.0). For both Apple and Android devices, we suggest to be sure that your operating systems have been updated to the latest version to be sure that you are able to access all features.

Do I need an internet connection to use the app?
You will need a wireless internet connection to download the app and lessons to your iPad or iPhone. Once you’ve downloaded the app and lessons, you can watch and practice with them anywhere, no connection required!

What makes Drum Guru so special?
In addition to the all-star roster of teachers, the Drum Guru app features a “Lesson Mode” which lets you play video at regular and half speeds and offers split screen video lesson/notation or full screen video. There is also a “Practice Mode” which lets you play-along to the groove or fill, mix between groove example, metronome or both, and adjust volume, tempo, and looping. And it’s all in a super-convenient, affordable package!

How do I watch a lesson?
Launch the Drum Guru app, in the left column – tap on the lesson pack you want to watch, and choose from one of the lessons within that pack. The video will start to play automatically in “Lesson Mode”, where the instructor will present the lesson. When you are ready to practice on your own, simply tap the “Practice Mode” button in the upper right hand corner of the app. From there you can play and stop the lesson, as well as adjust the volume, tempo, mix and looping functions of the lesson.

How do I purchase and download a lesson pack?
Tap the “Catalog” icon, located at the bottom center of the app. A list of available lesson packs will appear in the left column. Tap any pack to see more detailed information about that pack. To purchase, click the “Purchase” button, and the pack will start installing.

How do I view any lesson packs I’ve aleady purchased?
Tap the “Library” icon, located at the bottom center of the app. Any lessons that you have previously purchased and downloaded will be shown in the left column of the app.

How do I delete a pack I’ve already downloaded?
From the Library screen, swipe left or right on the title of the pack you wish to delete. A “delete” button will appear. If you delete a pack you have purchased, it will be made re-available for you to download from the catalog.

I accidently deleted a pack from my Drum Guru app, how can I recover it?
If you accidently delete a pack, or if you move to a newdevice, it’s easy to re-download a previously purchased lesson pack. Just tap the Catalog button, and then tap the “Purchase” button next to the pack you have already purchased. Download will start immediately, and the pack will appear in the Library once complete. You will not be charged for downloading any packs you have already purchased under the same account.

I am trying to purchase a couple packs, but am getting the error message “Only one pack may be downloaded at a time. You are currently downloading another pack. Please wait until the current download is complete, and then try again.”
So as to ensure that all content and features in each pack are delivered correctly, you may only download one pack at a time. After purchasing a pack, please allow the download to complete (the purchase/price button will change to a gray “installed” box) before purchasing and downloading another pack. If you try to download two or more packs at a time, a warning box will appear to remind you that you can only download one pack at a time.

My iPad goes to sleep while downloading, and when I wake it up, my download starts over from the beginning
Because some packs are fairly large in size, it is recommended that you increase the amount of time that is allowed to elapse before your device goes to “sleep.” This will prevent pack downloads from being interrupted (and having to be restarted). You can do this by going to Settings>General>Auto-Lock and choosing 10 minutes or higher.

If there is no sound on my iPad, what do I do ?
On your iPad, open “Settings”. Then open “General” and on the right side, under “Use Side Switch to” make sure “Mute” is highlighted.

I love Drum Guru – can I buy a subscription plan that will let me get ALL the packs for one monthly price?
Sorry, at this time packs are only available ala carte for download – no subscriptions are available.