Sample Pack 2

May 27th, 2015

This free sample pack features a wide range of concepts from on drumming topics such as odd meters, R&B/gospel/pop fill concepts, odd groupings applied to funk, rudiments, and warm-ups, and a classic “ancient style” snare drum solo.

Essentials of Drumming Pack

May 3rd, 2013

Contains 12 lessons covering grip, movement, the essential strokes of drumming, dynamics, accents, and Dennis’ “Five T’s”: time, technique, touch, taste, and tone.

Ultimate Hands Warm-Ups by Dennis DeLucia

November 30th, 2012

Dennis DeLucia presents some of his original warm-up exercises that he has used to great effectiveness with many of the various percussion groups he has taught, including a classic exercise from the Bayonne Bridgemen. Dennis is joined by champion snare drummer and West Point Hellcat Jeff Prosperie.

Very Advanced Rudiments

Dennis DeLucia presents the fourth set of 10 rudiments, which he calls the Very Advanced rudiments. This final set of rudiments is not only more difficult than the previous sets, it contains certain rudiments that are becoming more rare in modern drum corps compositions.

Advanced Rudiments

Dennis DeLucia presents the third set of 10 rudiments, which he calls the Advanced rudiments. As the name implies, these rudiments are more challenging and are built on concepts contained in the first two rudiment packs.

Derivative Rudiments

In this pack, Dennis DeLucia presents the second set of 10 rudiments, which he calls the Derivative rudiments, because they are derived from concepts presented in the Fundamental rudiments.

Fundamental Rudiments

Dennis DeLucia has divided the PAS 40 rudiments into four quadrants based on difficulty and construction. Here, along with student Jeremy Berkin (and demos by Jeff Prosperie), the first set of 10 basic rudiments are presented.