Basic Jazz Pack:

  • Styles:
  • Jazz
  • Skill Level:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Number of Lessons:
  • 8
  • Price:
  • $3.99

In this pack, drumming legend and jazz master Peter Erskine provides a complete approach to the basics of jazz drumming. Included are fun and informative lessons on developing your jazz time, how to practice, how to comp, and more. Also included are two swinging song performances with partial transcriptions of Peter’s playing for your analysis and practice.

Here are the lessons that appear in this pack:

  1. Song Performance 1
  2. Jazz Time
  3. Subdividing in Jazz
  4. Practicing time on the Hi-Hat
  5. Comping
  6. Basic Independence
  7. The Comping Game
  8. “Pesos” Play-Along